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Hjem - Nyheder - EMA: Impressive Danish effort

EMA: Impressive Danish effort

EMA: Impressive Danish effort
23.11.2017 admin

Copenhagen was among the final three candidate cities, but was pipped at post by Amsterdam when the European Council made its decision on the relocation of the EMA on 20 November.

“Of course, we are frustrated that Copenhagen did not win the EMA. And that the EMA did not win Copenhagen. When all is said and done, I am sure that the excellent European partnership we have in place on ensuring and certifying pharmaceutical products for European citizens will continue from Amsterdam. But the fact that issues surrounding the important pan-European work in the field of pharmacy have now been settled is also very positive,” says Chairman of Pharmadanmark Rikke Løvig Simonsen.

She continues:

“It was impressive that Denmark and Copenhagen came so close – and this simply emphasises how strong our bid was and how highly regarded the Danish life sciences are internationally.”

A total of 19 countries submitted bids for the agency, but five hours before the vote three countries chose to withdraw from the race, namely Malta, Croatia and Ireland. Denmark won enough votes – in the company of Amsterdam and Milan – to progress to the second round of the ballot. This was where Denmark, unfortunately, lost out by just five votes.

Pharmadanmark was active in the Danish campaign to get the EMA to Copenhagen from the very beginning  – in partnership with the Municipality of Copenhagen, the Metropolitan Region, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Danish universities, the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Copenhagen Capacity, the Danish Medicines Agency, Greater Copenhagen and major pharmaceutical corporations such as LEO Pharma and Novo Nordisk. Lars Rebien Sørensen, former CEO of Novo Nordisk, worked as the Danish government’s special EMA emissary.

Rikke Løvig Simonsen is very happy with the collaborative work that was done on the campaign:

“Although we, unfortunately, did not win the EMA, the Danish campaign has contributed to consolidating partnerships in the Danish life sciences. Many different operators worked towards the same goal and that is something we will be able to build on. Basically, it is all about strengthening the Danish life sciences.”

04.12.2017 Redaktionen
Året sidste Pharma udkommer onsdag den 6. december. Det er et rigtig julenummer med julequiz og en oversigt over hvad Pharmadanmark har ment i året der gik. Du kan også læse en reportage fra RP,...
01.12.2017 admin
De sidste fem år er der skabt over 90 spinout-virksomheder fra danske forskningsinstitutioner, og bare i 2016 blev der indberettet 21 nye virksomheder som spinouts fra universiteter og regioner,...
23.11.2017 admin
Copenhagen was among the final three candidate cities, but was pipped at post by Amsterdam when the European Council made its decision on the relocation of the EMA on 20 November. “Of course, we...
20.11.2017 admin
Ny hjemmeside betyder også nye måder at gøre tingene på. Derfor skal du fremadrettet sende en mail til pd@pharmadanmark.dk, hvis du ønsker at oprette et arrangement. I mailen skal...
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