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Hjem - Syddansk Universitet

Syddansk Universitet

Syddansk Universitet

Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry

A position as an associate professor within medicinal chemistry at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Southern Denmark is available from 1 August 2018 or immediately thereafter.

The successful candidate is expected to establish an internationally competitive research programme within pharmaceutically oriented medicinal chemistry, which complements our current research activities in nucleic acid chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, antibiotics, drug transporters, membrane physics, and pharmaceutics. 
In addition, the position includes teaching in medicinal chemistry for pharmacists and chemists as well as mentoring of individual undergraduate and graduate research projects from the bachelor to PhD level. 

An MSc degree in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences or chemistry as well as a PhD degree in medicinal chemistry or a closely related field is expected. The successful candidate will have independent research experience at the level comparable to an assistant professor or higher, as documented by a track record of peer-reviewed publications and presentations at international conferences as well as the ability to attract external funding as a principal investigator. Collaboration with e.g. the pharmaceutical industry is considered an advantage.

Department information:
The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy (FKF) has 38 permanent faculty members, approximately 600 students and offers courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Pharmacy. The programme emphasizes small classes, faculty instruction in both lectures and labs, and hands-on learning - from freshman-level general chemistry all the way through to senior-level independent research.

Deadline: 15 April 2018.

Please read the full call, including how to apply, on www.sdu.dk.

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