The provision is mainly aimed at people who are in a job, but who would like some coaching relevant to their continued career development. Maybe you want new challenges in your current job, or maybe you are considering switching to something completely different.

The coaching programme consists of a personality test followed by two conversations that help you set new goals and pursue them.

The two coaches we work with are Malene Gude from Gude Coaching and Fredi Falk Vogelius from Nymand & Vogelius.

Getting Started

You start a coaching programme by contacting the association’s secretariat at They will pass on your interest in the offer to whichever of the two coaching partners you prefer.

When contacting the secretariat, you will also receive the contact details of the coach you wish to use, so that you can agree on the practical details of the programme directly with the coach. Coaching programmes are conducted in Copenhagen and sometimes in Aarhus.


Pharmadanmark pays part of the price, but you must contribute DKK 2,500. The secretariat will bill you for your personal payment at the end of the quarter. The offer of co-funding from Pharmadanmark applies once every three years.