Membership benefits with Lån & Spar

Do you know your benefits at Lån & Spar? 

Pharmadanmark is co-owner of Lån & Spar, and we have been working together for many years. Therefore, as a member, you can get extra good terms at the bank. Among other things, high interest rates on the salary account. We also think that there should be cash benefits for communities.

Lån & Spars advisers know members of Pharmadanmark
You get a personal advisor who provides a comprehensive overview of your options. Then you can together find the solutions that best suit your private finances. And it's entirely up to you whether you talk over a cup of coffee in the bank, over the phone or online. The good treatment is the same.

It is easy to change bank
It's easy to switch to Lån & Spar, if you are not already a customer. Book a meeting - it does'nt take more than a hour. They arrange everything practical for you. Also contact and coordination with your current bank.

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Medlemsfordele hos Lån & Spar 
Fælleskaber betaler sig. Derfor kan du som medlem af Pharmadanmark få en række fordele og særligt gode vilkår:   

How to get 3% interest on your payroll account

  • You are a member of Pharmadanmark and have completed your education
  • You collect all your personal finances at Lån & Spar 
  • You do not have to move your mortgages. But evt. changes and new mortgages must go through Lån & Spar and Totalkredit
  • There is 3% interest on the first DKK 50,000 in the salary account. 0% on the rest
  • The interest rates are variable and apply per. 9 May 2019. See all terms and conditions at

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