Network for the self-employed

How does it take place?

It is the participants who set the agenda and create the content.

Pharmadanmark's network groups are based on experience exchange, knowledge sharing and sparring between the participants. The meetings are based on the participants own, concrete challenges and provide an opportunity to reflect on their own and others' practice. This is therefore not a series of presentations and you must be willing to contribute actively to the network's operation and development.

Where are the meetings held?

At Pharmadanmark or at the network members.

What can I expect?

As a participant in Pharmadanmark's network for the self-employed, you get:

  • Insight into the challenges of other self-employed professionals
  • Inspiration for solutions to current challenges in your own company
  • Sparring in difficult situations as a self-employed professional
  • Opportunity to reflect on own career choices
  • Opportunity to share your own knowledge and experience
  • Access to the professional expertise in the network
  • Opportunity to expand your personal network and to meet new partners, customers and suppliers
  • Opportunity to exert influence, push to agendas and hear what is happening in the industry.

How do I join?

The active members of the network decide who can join.

You can request access to the network via MinSide (in danish). Remember to tell a little about yourself, your company and your desires for a network in your request.