Networking is a valuable investment in your career, and as a pharmacist you have good opportunities for it, as the agreement gives you the right and duty to join a network and meet four times a year.
More and more members of Pharmadanmark are becoming self-employed. That is why we offer a network where members can meet and network about life as self-employed.
Are you a municipally employed pharmacist and do you want to be part of a professional network with other municipal pharmacists, where we focus on professional sparring, learning, knowled...


Strengthen your competencies in a network

Pharmadanmark offers a range of networks that can help develop your competencies and career in the life science industry.

Issues you meet in your job are being discussed in the networks and knowledge is exchanged between companies. You can have a great impact on the discussion topics.


How do I join?

Pharmadanmark offers a range of established networks you can join. Some networks are open while others are closed and you need to request access.

You can sign up for the networks via MinSide

Pharmadanmark offers several networks for leaders, where members in a confidential space can meet and network about leadership or desire-for-leadership.
Pharmaceutical Product Design Network (PPD) at Pharmadanmark aspires to become a neutral arena to share ideas, identify new directions for innovative research, and discuss regulatory challenges related to future pharmaceuticals.
Pharmadanmark´s network for younger researchers offers academic community and academic challenges to you who are a PhD student or postdoc, or have recently completed one of these.
The senior network in Pharmadanmark are for academics in the field of life science who are close to retirement age, have reached it, or have retired early.

Do you miss a network?

We have prepared a guide for the development and establishment of networks in Pharmadanmark.

Read the guide (in danish)

If you have questions about networks, you are always welcome to contact us at