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Salary, salary level and salary negotiation vary greatly in the various employment areas within life science.
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You are entitled to an employment contract if you have been employed for more than a month and work an average of at least eight hours a week – regardless of whether you are a private or ...
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Pharmacy employee, public or private employee? If you are employed on a collective agreement, your salary and other terms are largely covered by it, while in private you have individual terms of employment.
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Your employer is obliged to ensure that the working environment at your workplace is safe and healthy both physically and mentally. Read about work environment, APV, illness, work injurie...
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See how you are positioned if you are fired or quit your job. What rights do you have, how many months' notice, and how do you secure a sensible severance agreement.
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Know your rights in relation to holidays, illness and maternity leave. Pharmadanmark guides you through the most important rules you need to be aware of.

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