Become a mentee

Get sparring and new input for your career, your work personality, and the development of your current and new skills in collaboration with a more experienced mentor.

Before applying for a mentor

Think about what it is you would like help with?

We try to match you with a mentor who has experience with the type of challenge you face in your working life. To make a good match, it is necessary that you are able to formulate briefly and precisely what kind of challenge you want sparring on.

Maybe you want to unleash a certain potential, get your first management job, make a career change, for example from specialist to generalist or from academia to industry, learn to handle a high work pressure, clarify whether you should pursue a career abroad. Or something completely different.

Your expectations

A mentor is not an expert in your issue, so do not seek a mentor to get expert advice on how to handle your situation. Nor is it a professional coach you are matched with.

Mentor is a role model and a conversation partner who has chosen to spend his free time inspiring, supporting and challenging you in your reflections on your personal and professional development.

If you have any special wishes for a mentor, for example that it is a female leader, someone with knowledge of a special field of work, or someone who has a PhD degree, describe your expectations in the application and justify them.

Your obligations as a mentee

  • Be committed and take responsibility for the process
  • Prepare the meetings, set the agenda, formulate your thoughts
  • Be active between the meetings and follow up on the agreements you make
  • Be open and honest
  • Listen, be brave, and let yourself be challenged.

Prioritization and time

The mentoring course is for you, the mentee. Your development is in focus, and you are in charge. It takes time to be a mentee and you must want to prioritize it. A Pharmadanmark mentoring course runs over 10 months (September - June) which means that there is time for immersion in the development processes you are working on. It is suggested that you have around 8 meetings of approximately 1½ hours duration, but in between meetings you will have to work on the things you agree on, so expect to spend quite a bit of mental energy and time on your mentoring course. Otherwise, it will create no value.


The registration for the 2023-2024 mentor programme is open. Click here to register. The registration will close on 15 August 2023, and then you will hear from us. The official kick-off for the mentor programme will take place in the beginning of September. The mentor programme is based on voluntary commitment from the mentors and we cannot therefore guarantee that everyone will be assigned a mentor.

Please contact Hanne Arentsen ( if you have questions related to the mentor programme.