Network for leaders

What can you expect?

As a participant in one of Pharmadanmark's networks for leaders, you will gain new perspectives on your own leadership practice and thereby strengthen your leadership competencies. You also get a golden opportunity to expand your personal leadership network in the industry.

You get:

  • Opportunity to reflect on own leadership practice in a confidential room
  • Sparring on difficult management situations
  • Insight into other managers' challenges and solutions
  • Opportunity to share your own knowledge and experience
  • Opportunity to expand your personal leadership network
  • Opportunity to reflect on own career choices.

Your workplace gets:

  • A better leader
  • Inspiration for solutions to current challenges in the company
  • Access to the professional expertise in the network
  • Opportunity to meet new partners, customers and suppliers
  • Opportunity to exert influence, push to agendas and hear what is happening in the industry.

You can choose from two types of network for leaders:

Network for HR managers

Networks aimed at managers responsible for the day-to-day management of staff, including recruitment and redundancies. We imagine that you are responsible for an area and have budget responsibility. We imagine you have some years of management experience.

Network for you who want to be a leader

Network aimed at you who want to be a leader, but have not yet got your first leadership position with personnel responsibilities. We imagine that you have at least 2 years of work experience and have tried informal management.

What is going on at the meetings?

It is the participants who set the agenda and create the content.

Pharmadanmark's network for leaders is based on sparring between the participants. The meetings are based on the participants 'specific challenges and provide an opportunity to reflect on their own and others' practice.

The first meeting in the networks is organized and facilitated by Pharmadanmark, then the networks are run by the members themselves with Pharmadanmark's career counselors as sparring partners.

How is a leadership network put together?

Pharmadanmark puts together networks that best meet the needs of its members.

There must be at least 12 participants before a network is established.

If there are too many registrations for a network, we put the networks together so that they meet the participants' needs best on the basis of the information we have received in the registrations.

We can not guarantee that you will be able to join a network initially.

Where and when does it take place?

The first network meeting is held by Pharmadanmark.

We then encourage participants to take turns hosting the meetings.


Management events

Pharmadanmark holds several virtual and physical meetings with knowledge and debate about management. The events are announced in the event calendar.