Become a mentor

Expand your skills as a leader, advisor, and experience sharer by becoming a mentor for a less experienced mentee. You do not have to be an expert, but open, listening, and willing to share your experiences.

Before you sign up as a mentor

You do not have to be an expert and know everything within a particular subject area to sign up as a mentor. It is far more important that the mentor has the right human skills and abilities for communication, dialogue and empathy. The best expert is not necessarily the best mentor. The most important starting point is to be able to listen, put your own needs aside and concentrate on understanding another person's world.

The personal qualities of the good mentor

  • Self-insight
  • Curiosity and interest in other people's development
  • Good empathy and an appreciative attitude towards other people
  • Ability to control a conversation and ask "nourishing" questions
  • Ability to listen and observe
  • Courage to dare to experiment and reveal your own weaknesses and failures
  • Impulse control, patience.

Your experience with working life

We match you with a mentee who has less work experience than yourself.

Consider what specific experiences you have that you want to share with a younger professional. It can be management experience, experience with career change, for example from specialist to generalist or from academia to industry, handling high work pressure, international experience, or something completely different.

Your motivation

The mentoring work is voluntary work, so it must be carried by desire and interest.

Consider why you want to be a mentor? What do you want out of the collaboration yourself? What skills would you like to train and experiment with? What are your expectations for your mentee?

Prioritization and time

It takes time to be a mentor and you must want to prioritize it.A Pharmadanmark mentoring course runs over 10 months (September - June) which means that there is time for immersion in the development processes your mentee is working on. It is suggested that you have around 8 meetings of approximately 1½ hours duration. The meetings usually do not require much preparation for you as a mentor.


Registration for the mentoring program 2024-2025 is open until 16 August 2024. Don't hesitate to register via this link.
The official kick-off meeting for the mentoring program takes place at the beginning of September.

Please contact Hanne Arentsen Mobile: +45 4414 4701 - Email: if you have questions related to the mentor programme.