Stuck in the middle of the career

Pharmadanmark's career counselor Iben Treebak has in her master's project from Aarhus University investigated what it means to be stuck in the middle of the career and how it affects those involved. It can be experienced as an absence of motivation and commitment to the job, and the condition can have a major impact on life outside of work, e.g. contribute to stress, she concludes.

Iben Treebak's study is inspired by the Swedish economist Torild Carlsson. He is the originator of the concept and defines it as ‘having sat for so long with work tasks or in a work environment that does not suit one that confidence in one's own ability has waned.’ He states that 20-25 percent of those who work believe to be employed in the wrong job or to be with the wrong employer.

It can be expressed by:

• Lack of commitment to the task solution

• Lack of motivation to excel in the job

• An experience of being drained of energy / exhausted after work

It can have serious consequences and lead to stress if left unsolved.


Do you feel stuck in your job?

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