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Apply for a new job in life science with Pharmadanmark's good advice and inspiration for job search. Here you will find guides for application and CV, tips and tricks for the job interview, networking and personality test.
Motivation is what drives you through life. The desire to learn, your compassion for others, your desire to achieve a goal, etc. Motivation is the reason you take action, act and change, and therefore an important part of working life.
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Find inspiration for the job interview, how to be prepared, typical questions during the job interview, and what you can do after the job interview. You will also find inspiration for online job interviews.
Employee Development Interview, in Danish Medarbejder-Udviklingssamtale, MUS, is the recurring conversation about your development, your tasks, and your well-being at work. It is therefore important that you prepare to be in the best possible position in relation to your needs and wishes.
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Read about the use of tests in the hiring process and how to prepare for them. The most common form is a personality test, but many also use aptitude or intelligence tests.
Our values mean a lot to whether we feel that we are satisfied with our lives and whether we have the motivation to participate in the tasks at work that we are part of. If you don't know your values or what is important to you, you can quickly end up in a place where you are not really happy with what you are doing.
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Get tips and tricks for job search by networking. Many positions are not advertised, but filled by networking. What does it mean to build up your network, and how do contact your network?
Pharmadanmark's career guidance has gathered these good advices on how to get on as best as possible after termination.

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