Pharmadanmark’s unemployment fund (PDA)

Please be aware, that you should always
  • seek legal advice from the association’s legal team before you quit your job or enter a severance agreement.
  • clear all questions regarding the public unemployment benefits with the A-kasse.

Involuntary unemployment can hit anyone – from the recent graduate to the experienced manager in the middle of a seemingly safe career path. The economic climate shifts, job requirements change, new skills are required etc. This may mean a period on public unemployment benefits from a government recognised unemployment fund (A-kasse). But for most graduates, and for Pharmadanmark’s members in particular, this means a period with very inadequate income.

That is why a special scheme was set up for Pharmadanmark’s members already in 1978. The scheme is a private and collective fund. Members can receive supplementary benefits from the fund depending on the member’s current salary and provided the fund has financial means. 

The current benefit constitutes a maximum of DKK 12,600 per month before tax in addition to public unemployment benefits. This may mean that you can receive a total of DKK 33.359 per month before tax instead of the DKK 20.359 that you may be  entitled to from a the public unemployment fund. 

The benefits from the PDA scheme are based on your average salary during the last 3 months prior to unemployment less the AM-contribution of 8 pct. Of this amount the PDA can cover up to 85 pct. inclusive public funding from a government recognised A-kasse - i.e. up to the PDA-max of DKK 13.000 per month. It is however not a requirement that you are a member of an A-kasse to be eligible for the PDA benefits. Please contact us if in doubt. 

Contributions to PDA form part of your Pharmadanmark membership fee, it costs you just DKK 100 a month and includes the group life insurance in Forenede Gruppeliv.

Read the group life insurance policy from Forenede Gruppeliv here (in Danish)

How do you become eligible for PDA?

  • On the first day of unemployment, you must have been an active member of Pharmadanmark for at least two years (24 months). If you have been a member from the date you completed your degree, you are eligible after one year.
  • Within these two years (one year if you have been a member since the date you completed your degree), you must have been working in the field of life science for at least 12 months (and for these 12 months you must have been paying the full membership fees to Pharmadanmark).
  • You cannot receive benefits from the PDA scheme if you are entitled to receive an old age pension, or if you have turned 65 years old. 
  • You must have received notice – or have been in a fixed-term position (a fixed-term position means that your employment expires at a certain date stated in the employment contract).
  • If you have been employed as a PhD fellow you are eligible to receive benefits from the PDA scheme when you have submitted your thesis, provided your employment has terminated.
  • During the period in which you receive PDA benefits you must be available to the labour market and actively searching for a job.
  • You should be aware that the rules applicable to PDA are not the same as those applicable to the state recognised unemployment funds (A-kasse).
  • You will not receive benefits if you yourself terminate your employment. We recommend that you always contact the Pharmadanmark secretariat before terminating your employment.


Please be aware

How to apply for the PDA funding

You can apply for the PDA benefits up to a month prior to your first day of unemployment. Please be aware that the benefits cannot be granted back in time.  

Applications are made through Min side by following the link “Ansøg om PDA her” at the front page. You will always receive a confirmation when we have received your application. 

If you are entitled to receive the PDA benefits you will be asked to upload pay slips together with the termination of employment or the employment contract in case of a fixed term position. 

Please note that all communication from the system is in Danish and that mails can end up in your unwanted mails folder. You can always find the mails at Min side.

When receiving benefits from the PDA scheme, you will be required to submit a monthly report in which you confirm continued unemployment and working hours, holidays and other breaks to us. Please be aware that the deadline for reporting is NOT the same as for the A-kasse. 

Read more about reporting and deadlines here.