Mentoring Scheme

Pharmadanmark's mentoring programme is an offer for you who, no matter where you are in your career, want to get sparring on your professional and personal development.
With a mentor, you can reflect on your career, your goals and your challenges. You can be inspired by the mentor's knowledge and experience and get sparring on your own considerations. Or maybe you have a lot of experience that you would like to share as a mentor for a less experienced professional.

What is a mentoring course?
The purpose of the course is to create network relationships across age groups and work areas. The aim is mutual gain, where the mentor shares his knowledge and at the same time can be challenged by a ‘new generation’ and the mentee on the other hand is helped along the way.

Who can benefit from the programme?
A mentoring course is an interaction between two people - the more experienced, the mentor, and the one who seeks sparring about his career development, the mentee. The mentor shares his experiences, listens, asks questions and helps the mentee to help himself.
Mentee's benefits are greater insight and better opportunity for personal development and career development. Mentor, on the other hand, develops his skills in communication and counseling and is challenged by mentees' way of looking at the world.
A mentoring course under Pharmadanmark's scheme runs over a year, which gives time for immersion in the development processes the mentee is working on.

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