Especially for pharmacy employees

Pharmacy employees are covered by the collective agreement entered into between Pharmadanmark and the Association of Danish Pharmacies. Your sixth holiday week follows the principles of earning according to the new Holiday Act. You therefore earn a total of 2.5 vacation days per month based on the simultaneity principle.

If you leave the pharmacy sector, you will get the full value of the holiday in kroner and øre with you, but not the freedom in hours / days for the sixth holiday week, as your employer cannot give you the right to this freedom with a new employer.

Holiday obstacles

Holiday obstacles are reasons why it is not possible to take a holiday according to the Holiday Act. The most common holiday obstacles are illness and maternity leave. Having a holiday obstacle specifically means that you cannot take a holiday and that the employer cannot order you to take a holiday.

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Illness and vacation

Illness is not necessarily an obstacle to vacationing. As a person on sick leave, you can technically be registered with your municipality, so you can take your holiday if you wish. If you become ill during your holiday, be sure to notify your employer as soon as possible.
If you have already started your holiday, you must cover the first five days of illness yourself, but after that you are entitled to compensatory holiday.

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