At Pharmadanmark, we know our members and their industry.

That is why we advise and help quickly and qualifiedly when it comes to law, career choices and unemployment. Just as we support the professional development of our members and speak their case.

Every day.

Pharmadanmarks career counselors have an in-depth knowledge of the job market in life science, and our lawyers are experts on the terms in the field. This means that you always get quick help as well as qualified and competent sparring when you contact Pharmadanmark.

As a member, you get a number of professional benefits - discounts, advice, networking and courses.

At Pharmadanmark, you get it all for one total price.

Get cash benefits on a wide range of offers, it's everything from insurance to travel.
Pharmadanmark har som noget ganske unikt en kollektiv ordning til gavn for medlemmer i ufrivillig arbejdsløshed. Ordningen giver medlemmer op til 12.600 kr. oven i dagpengene.
On this page you can get inspiration for seeking out new opportunities, sign up as a mentor or mentee, and book a career consultation with Pharmadanmark's experienced career counselors to get personal advice.
We know our members and offer customized legal advice, whatever your inquiry is about a contract review, salary negotiation, working hours, leave or dismissal.
In the professional networks, you get a professional community of fellow professionals. They are characterised by the fact that you meet in a confidential free space, where you spar and e...
Pharmadanmark's mentoring programme is an offer for you who want to get sparring on your professional and personal development in your career. You can also sign up as a mentor for a mentee.
Som medlem af Pharmadanmark har du mulighed for at søge økonomisk støtte hos forskellige fonde.