Private employee - Agreements

A large part of Pharmadanmark's members are employed in andwork with life science in the private sector. Only a few employees in the private sector are covered by a collective agreement, and therefore private employees are particularly dependent on their individual terms of employment.

Agreements for private employees

If you are employed by one of the following companies, you will in principle be covered by a collective agreement. As a leader, however, you may be exempt.

Here you can see the agreements that Pharmadanmark has negotiated with private companies:

Wage statistics in the private sector

In the private sector, there is basically no minimum wage. This means that you have to negotiate the desired salary yourself. Pharmadanmark's legal department will gladly help prepare you for your salary negotiation. As part of the preparation, Pharmadanmark's salary statistics are a particularly important tool, as they can be used as a guideline for you in your salary negotiations.

Here you will find the current salary statistics and salary tables